William Porter is the Founder of Temple New York and the Owner of Porter Cycles and Porter Metalworks.
William has spent the better part of his life building spaces, forming arts organizations, studying art, practicing fabrication and design, and has expressed his love of creation and creativity in myriad forms. William’s multi-media/ experiential artwork has achieved its highest form yet in TEMPLE New York, a space designed and built to provide artists an alternative “gallery” to create and to build community in the process.

William’s love of Kink, Fetish, BDSM, Shibari, and Body-based Art emerged early in life and has only grown more intense since. Having spent years working at the infamous Boston Nightclub “ManRay”, William enjoyed the beauty of this Queer/Goth/Fetish/Art Haus immensely. Temple New York is a mixture of that epoch and Williams fascination with Eastern spiritual practices. There are so many avenues to self-discovery, and we should not fear any of them in the pursuit of our own happiness and experience of freedom within this lifetime.