Oz is a rope artist and educator who draws on several years of consistent practice with a variety of educators, intentions and individuals. His love of rope stems from his understanding that everyone hungers for transformative experiences. He is dedicated to exploring the potential of safe spaces in which him and his partners can dialogue around discomfort as well as pleasure, and the possibility of finding catharsis through a common journey. He focuses on co-creating deep and meaningful sensual experiences for the people he ties to allow them to journey to places long lost or never visited: a shared experience of transcending the present to fall into reveries, or of confronting themselves to heal and grow.
His public performances are offerings that aim to invite the viewer to witness often unseen spaces of intimacy, vulnerability and trust.

He relies on a solid understanding of rope technique acquired through regular study with experienced rope educators from around the globe, as well as on his ever growing interest in anatomy and physiology, the psychological aspects of rope, and verbal and non-verbal communication.

Oz teaches regularly around his homebase of NYC & nationally, he is dedicated to sharing what he has learnt with newer generations of practitioners, in the hope that this can create a safe and inspired community to thrive in. He organizes workshops and performances for visiting artists, noticeably Marika Leila (Gorgone) of Shibari Study, Tamandua Kinbaku and world renowned Hajime Kinoko from Japan.

Oz regularly collaborates with other artists to create striking images inspired by the infinite possibilities this medium can provide.

He is the featured rope artist in the book The Ultimate Guide to Bondage by Mistress Couple (2018). He was invited in 2020 to assist Kinoko for his live installation at MOCA Detroit. His work can be found in Slutever on VICE and in Sexlife on Epix.