Orbán is the creator and director of The Skin Project, and specializes in body suspension as an experiential art-form, and exploring art in realms of fabrication and electronics as well. After having traveled abroad for most of his life, he has been back in NYC since 2005, exploring the convergence of various art-forms with body suspension. He seeks to better understand the connection between the geometric nature of the universe, and human experience on the physical plane. He believes that to have a full experience as humans, we must experience loss, discover and form personal rituals that heal us, and embrace the lessons we learn from this process to evolve as individuals. He feels that these rituals inform us of our potentials, and teach us to leave that which is holding us back, behind us.  As such, to those that seek it, he offers the potential for exploring vulnerability as a vehicle of empowerment, and catharsis.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, he works primarily with rope, metal, and the human body. His focus is in exploring the connections between geometry and the human sensory experience, and as a result finds himself in the realm of the occult often. He weaves rope, and manipulates skin in a way that encourages audiences to shift perspectives in relation to the experience being presented.  His primary medium of interest is that of body suspension, which led to his founding of Anchors Aweigh in 2011, and The Skin Project in 2015. He also happens to be one half of the performance duo, Red Shores. He finds joy in offering body suspension as a practice to those seeking a cathartic experience in their lives, as well as an intense recreational outlet, but also in hanging out with cats.