The Vision


At its core, Temple is a play space.
Temple is a safe space to explore the intersection of mind, body, spirit, and
artistic practice.
Temple is conceived, designed and built to be a vessel, a container, a sacred
place, a sanctuary, a body in and of itself.
Temple is built on the principles of mutual respect, consent, safety,
permissibility, inclusivity, equality, freedom of creativity and self expression.
Temple is founded to make space for a variety of practitioners to perform their
work. These practitioners and their practices are the foundation that ground
Temple in place.
Temple is specifically constructed to accommodate suspension work. The “House of Three Beams” emblem refers directly to three steel support beams that span the room, anchored to the walls of the space, just below the roof.
These provide ample rigging support for a variety of elevated arrangements.

The Mission


Temple provides space for Artists to practice a variety of work including but not limited to Flesh Hook Suspension, Shibari, Conscious Body Movement, Kink, BDSM, Ritual, Curated Experiences, Installation Art, Performance, Photography, Video, Guided Meditation, and Sonic Immersion.

Temple provides a space for cultural crossover where collaboration between artistic disciples is encouraged and enhanced. We believe that artistic and spiritual growth are born of these spaces of interaction and cross-pollination.

Temple offers education through workshops, demonstrations, immersive experiences, and directed training sessions. By giving space for experienced Practitioners to share their knowledge, expertise, experience, and skill, Temple provides a safe place for Initiates to engage with new information, expanding on their existing experiences and understanding.

Temple is an immersive theater, providing a place to create a mixture of performance, installation art, and audience activation. Temple provides a space where the line between artist and audience blurs, inviting deeper engagement and interaction within the act of creation.

Please read our statement on what is going on with Temple during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and how you can help us keep our doors open.